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The Olive Space Psychiatry LLC is a private psychiatric practice that focuses on an individualized care model to treatment. It adopts a comprehensive approach to patient care that promotes recovery through personal empowerment.   At its heart, The Olive Space strives to help individuals recognize their innate strengths and overcome their struggles. We provide specialized services for children (ages 4-9), adolescents (ages 10-17), adults (ages 18-64) and older adults (ages 65 and up).  Learn more.



The Olive Space is headed by founder and owner Dr. Issa P. Bagayogo, MD PHD.  Dr. Bagayogo is a Psychiatrist, Neuroscientist and Global Mental Health specialist, having trained at the renowned Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Rutgers University.  He specializes in the pharmacological management of psychiatric disorders using the latest evidence and consensus-based approaches. Dr. Bagayogo is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Learn more.

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general Services

The Olive Space specializes in treating a number of psychiatric and other related conditions in children (ages 4-9), adolescents (ages 10-17), adults (ages 18-64) and older adults (ages 65 and up) such us Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Psychotic disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), insomnia problems, fatigue and other general stress issues, to name a few.  Call (762) 233-0785 or email us at info@olivespacepsychiatry.com to Learn more. 


specialty Services

Dr. Bagayogo is an experienced Suboxone and Zubsolv (Buprenorphine and Naloxone) provider and therefore administers Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid dependence in the outpatient setting.  He also provides MAT for alcohol dependence and nicotine dependence.  If you are suffering from any of the above conditions, please contact us.  The Olive Space is here to assist you.  Medication Assisted Treatment can help you take back control.  Call (762) 233-0785 or email us at info@olivespacepsychiatry.com to Learn more.



The Olive Space does not accept health insurance.   By not relying on insurance for payment, the Olive Space is able to provide superior level of care to its clients in terms of duration and frequency of appointments, and more importantly, flexibility in shaping the personalized treatment plan that is right for you.  The fee for each session is $250, including the initial consultation. Payment is collected at the time of the session.  We accept all major credit and debit cards, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards.  If you have health insurance with out-of-network coverage benefits, you may be able to collect partial or full reimbursement.  The Olive Space will provide you with invoices for your sessions that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Learn more.


Your First Visit

Your first appointment is an initial evaluation or psychiatric consultation.  This is the time when you will sit down with Dr. Bagayogo and discuss what you are experiencing that is distressing to you.  At the end of the session, an individualized treatment plan will be devised that suits your needs. For child and adolescent clients, the initial assessment will typically require two consultations, given that additional information may be required from parents, other caretakers and the school.  Learn more.


Operating Policy

The Olive Space Psychiatry LLC appreciates the diversity of human beings.  Equal care will be provided to all patients, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.  We also strive to be a place of comfort and safety for everyone.  As such, the Olive Space is a smoke free, alcohol free and weapon free space. Weapons include any item capable of causing grievous bodily harm. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please let us know.  




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What our Clients say

"I never thought I’d be able to feel better again. Thank you for giving me hope." -K.

"Now I wake up everyday full of energy and hope. Thank you so much." -N.

"You have given me the tools I need to succeed in my recovery. Thanks Dr. B." -V.



The Olive Space Psychiatry LLC is located at 297 Prince Ave, Suite 28A, within the historic Bottleworks in downtown Athens.  Originally constructed by the Coca Cola company in the late 1800s and redeveloped in 2002 as a mix use project, the Bottleworks is a local landmark.  With easy parking for drivers and quick access to all the major roadways in and out of Athens, the Olive Space Psychiatry LLC is in an ideal location. 


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