Your First Visit


Your First appointment

Your first appointment is an initial evaluation or psychiatric consultation.  This is the time when you will sit down with Dr. Bagayogo and discuss what you are experiencing that is distressing to you.  At the end of the session, an individualized treatment plan will be devised that suits your needs.

Before your first appointment

Before your first appointment it is often useful to write down everything you wish to discuss, including the many questions and concerns you have so that you won’t forget.  Consider what your goals for treatment are and how best Dr. Bagayogo could be of help to you.  This is also a good time to write down a list of all the medications you have taken in the past and are currently taking..


During your appointment

During your appointment Dr. Bagayogo will get to know you.  He will ask you many questions regarding you moods, thoughts, feelings and behavior and what issues are concerning you the most.  He may also request laboratory and imaging studies if required, to help ensure a thorough and comprehensive evaluation.  If medication is recommended, you will receive a full explanation of the indications, the risks and benefits associated with it and a breakdown of alternative options that are available.  This will allow you to make an informed decision

On your follow up appointments

On your follow up appointments Dr. Bagayogo will ask you about any interval changes in your symptoms and whether they have improved, worsened or remain unchanged.  He will ask you about the side effects you are experiencing if a medication was started and address them.  Ongoing assessments of your symptoms and wellbeing will give an indication if the devised plan is working well for you.  Any change in the treatment plan will be done in a collaborative manner.