At its heart, The Olive Space strives to help individuals recognize their innate strengths and overcome their struggles.  Further, it aims to help each person reach his or her fullest potentials.

Philosophy of the Olive Space Psychiatry in Athens, Georgia

A few points that highlight the philosophy of this practice:


A diagnosis does not define who we are as a person.


Your interaction with your doctor should be a collaborative and not a top down approach, in determining what is best for you. The more you feel empowered in the decision making process the better the outcome.

Acceptance and Validation

Your unique circumstance, set of experiences, background and environment should be understood, validated and appreciated. .


You have a special understanding and perspective regarding your own body and health and therefore you deserve a mental health provider that listens to you.

Respect and Dignity

Every client should be treated with the utmost respect and dignity in their interactions with their mental health provider.

Caring and Free of Judgment

Your relationship with your doctor should feel safe, caring, professional and judgment free.  This is an essential component for healing.


 “Cookie cutter” approaches usually do not work in treatment.  Everyone is different and treatment should be individually tailored.


Medication is not always the answer, but sometimes it can be very helpful depending on your circumstance.


If you decide to go on medication, you have the right to a full explanation of why this is the best course of action, the risk and benefits associated with it and alternative therapies that are available.


Our mind is our most complex entity and striving to understand our mind helps us understand ourselves better.